The Researcher’s First Search Step:
Search Real Fast Automates and Simplifies the Process

Designed by a researcher and engineer just like you!

Pete Fenner designed Search Real Fast to help deliver a unique and needed search front-end service for engineers, scientists and researchers. It was Pete’s belief that a faster and more precise approach was needed for online technology and prior art searching.

Many technology search sites such as Google Scholar and Google Patents as well as many company and industry document repositories require you to learn a specialized query syntax to make complex queries.

Pete wanted to help you roll up your sleeves and immediately start looking for any relevant documents about your idea that might have already been published or patented.

To you the researcher, it does not matter if a manual, a technical journal or a patent application describes technology similar to your idea. They are all just different forms of a technical publication in your area of technology. You should search them all using similar search queries to discover as much published information as possible to assess the uniqueness and novelty of your idea.

  1. Search Real Fast delivers these relevant documents
  2. Search Real Fast automates the whole process
  3. Search Real Fast saves you time and money and keeps you in control

Why Search Real Fast – What are the Benefits?

Search Real Fast delivers three core benefits to help the researcher succeed in targeting the best results:

  1. Saves significant time by identifying and ranking the most relevant keywords and then giving the researcher a “quick first look” at technical documents (including patents) that might be relevant to the researcher’s idea.
  2. Saves significant time by offering the researcher an iterative process to search a wide variety of technical documents using the same complex search queries for each site.
  3. Saves significant time by logging all of the research history enabling the researcher to quickly resume the typical ongoing necessary research.

Most researchers would like to know if their idea is unique enough to start down the time consuming “research and development” road. How they can they have this wisdom if they don’t know how and where to start?

The answer: Search Real Fast

Search Real Fast is a very low cost web service that searches “real fast” by automatically:

  1. Identifying relevant keywords to use in search
  2. Ranking keywords to direct search
  3. Identifying key sentences to validate keywords
  4. Building complex search queries to selected databases
  5. Logging search activity to rapidly recall prior searches

The researcher now has a single web screen to manage his initial and ongoing search activity… where every key function is automated… and no professional search skills are required!

What are the Features of Search Real Fast?

Search Real Fast has developed a sophisticated text parsing tool to identify and rank the most relevant keywords from a related text; such as an existing draft description, abstract, product brochure or patent description. The user then selects a number of those keywords and Search Real Fast automatically builds query scripts for the targeted search site.

Search Real Fast is delivered as an online service accessed by all common browsers. Each search is logged and an iterative process enables the user to quickly find the most relevant documents.

Users select a target database to search from an impressive of over 100 databases located in our Search Site Library that includes:

3D CAD Design & Models

  • - 3D Printer models for Art, Gadgets, Architecture, etc.
  • GrabCAD - Over 1,090,000 free CAD files
  • - How To Instruction documents
  • 3D Printing models to buy
  • Sketchup 3D Wearhouse
  • Traceparts - Product Content Everywhere
  • TurboSquid - Source for professional 3D models.
  • - YM - Download 3d Printer Designs

Academic and Technology Search sites

  • Amer Chem Society Journals & Publications
  • Amer Chem Society General Search
  • for collaborative solutions
  • ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Association of Computer Mach.
  • Chemical Abstract Service - ACS
  • CogPrints -Cognitived Science ePrint Archeive
  • EBSCOhost Connection Public Site
  • Gale - Cengage Database Search
  • Google Scholar
  • HathiTrust Digital Library
  • IEEExplore
  • Ingentaconnect Publisher Search
  • KeraFAST Inc
  • Knovel Search Public by Elsevier
  • Microsoft Academic Search
  • National Academies Press
  • Public Library of Science -Medical & Life Science
  • SAE International - Areospace, Automotive, and Commercial
  • SPIE Digital Library
  • - OCLC

Biotechnology & Infomatics

  • BioMed Central
  • Ensembl - Search using gene sequence and annotation
  • Toolbox at the EBI Search
  • UniProt - Protein sequence and functional info

Corporate Search Sites

  • Cisco Networks
  • Fuentek LLC Blog Search
  • IAM- Intellectual Asset Management
  • ThomasNet - US Product Information

Electronic Circuit Design

  • Publicatin search site
  • Electronics Circuits & Tutorials

General Search Sites

  • CiteseerX
  • DeepDyve
  • Dogpile Search Engine
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Google Books
  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo search

Intellectual Property Management

  • ktMINE
  • Wellspring Blog search

Law Firm Search Sites

  • Fish & Richardson Post-Grant site
  • McGladrey LLP - RMS LLP worldwide group

Patent Related Search Sites

  • Covalent Data (formerly CollectiveIP)
  • espacenet
  • Google Patents -Original site.
  • New
  • Patent Lens
  • PatSnap Field Search Link
  • USPTO Applications
  • USPTO Patents
  • WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization

University General and Technology Related Search Sites

  • Full Text Search -Cornell Unniversity
  • AUTM - Global Technology Portal
  • AzTE-Arizona State Technology Enterprises
  • Georgetown University Library OneSearch
  • Making of America - UMich.edg
  • NDLTD - Networked Digital Library -Theses & Dissertations
  • PubGet buy PDF copies of Pubmed articles
  • Rutgers University TechFinder
  • SMU Central Library Search
  • Tarrant County College Libraries
  • Taylor Francis Online
  • Tech Transfer Central
  • Texas A&M Library Guides
  • Texas Digital Library -all of DSpace
  • Texas Tech Library Discovery Service
  • U of Kentuckey Main Page
  • U-of-AZ Tech Launch Arizona
  • UMI Dissertation Express -NA & EU since 1861
  • University of Minnesota OTC
  • WPI Gordon Library (public vesion)

US Government Search Sites

  • BusinessUSA - US Gov. Business Portal
  • DTIC - US Defense Dept. Technical Information Center
  • EDGAR - US SEC -Securities & Exchange Commission
  • ERIC - US Gov. Intitute of Educational Sciences
  • - Federal Commmunications Commission
  • GPO- US Gov Publishing Office Digital system
  • GSA eLibrary search
  • HubMed Search Site
  • Information Bridge - Dept of Energy Sci & Tech
  • NASA Astrophysiscs Data System
  • NASA Technical Report Server
  • National Science Foundation Funding
  • National Transportation Library -Integrated Search
  • NCBI Tools
  • NITS - US National Institute of Standards & Technology
  • - National Tech Information Service
  • PubChem - US National Library of Medicine
  • PubMed - National Institute of Health
  • TRAIL- US Gov. Technical Report & Images before 1976
  • US Government Grants -
  • US National Archieves

Features List

  • Secure process to protect your idea
  • Single web screen to manage the entire process
  • Type, paste or upload text files for automatic keyword processing
  • Automatic generation of keywords by sophisticated text parsing algorithm
  • Automatic generation of key sentences to use for keyword validation (our Keyword Semantic Context™)
  • Additional user input function of both keywords and synonyms
  • Automatic construction of database search query (no typing required!)
  • Builds custom, complex queries for each user selected site including Google Scholar, Google Patents, Google Search, FreePatentsOnline (FPO), Espacenet, The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) plus MANY MORE sites through our Search Site Library!
  • Iterative, option-directed search process (keywords, stemmed words, synonyms, date range, database target, search scope)
  • History log to help manage activity (click here to review Security Policies)
  • Special Support link for both support questions and future release suggestions

The following booklet offers more details on the features of Search Real Fast:

The Science Behind Search Real Fast

Search Real Fast Delivers Great Value to Universities

Search Real Fast is designed to stimulate research and entrepreneurial excellence at your University.

Whether or not a university has a formal Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Search Real Fast offers unique value to the entire process of research and commercialization.

  1. Search Real Fast can save a university hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on each research (idea) disclosure.
  2. Search Real Fast can increase the depth and breadth of research accompanying each new disclosed research idea.
  3. Search Real Fast can help increase the number and quality of new research ideas being disclosed.
  4. Search Real Fast is so automated that students and faculty can use it for prior-art research with little or no training.

"The students are doing such a good job searching using Search Real Fast; I don’t have to do any preliminary prior-art searching myself!" - Todd Keiller, Director of Intellectual Property & Innovation at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Click here to read more.

Most universities struggle with poorly written disclosures and limited researcher engagement in the formal process of turning an idea into a commercial success.

The following video offers the TTO Director a good overview:

The unique value of Search Real Fast can be significant in terms of saving money, improving processes and facilitating a better relationship between the researcher and the TTO.

Click here for University pricing details »

Search Real Fast also helps patent attorneys!

Most patent attorneys don’t often have the time to do the initial patent search for a client. So, they spend money on third-party services.

Search Real Fast eliminates the third-party time and expense and allows an attorney to offer this initial search quickly and inexpensively.

The following booklet offers more details on how Search Real Fast can help a patent attorney:

How Search Real Fast Can Help the Patent Attorney

The whitepaper below underscores the importance of a patent attorney:

The Top 10 Critical Issues that an Inventor Must Understand about the Patent Process

Our Company

Patents Real Fast LLC (PRF) — now doing business as Search Real Fast — was launched in the fall of 2011 after the research team developed unique patent search technology to help inventors and patent practitioners.

The research effort was initiated by Pete Fenner, President of Lightbus Technologies and Fenner Investments Limited. The research project was directed by Dr. Margaret Dunham, Professor of Computer Science at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and delivered by SMU graduate student, Badhrinath Sampathkumar.

Mr. Fenner has a lengthy background with both patents and the technology search process. He understands how time-consuming and cumbersome the search process can be and considered for some time how to dramatically speed up this process. The research effort led to the launch of this new search enterprise. Now we have expanded Search Real Fast to build custom search queries to numerous technology databases found on the World Wide Web and changed our web domain name to

The following booklet offers more details on the history of Search Real Fast:

The History Behind Search Real Fast

"It used to take me 30 or 40 minutes to do a preliminary patent search on a new project. Now using Search Real Fast (formerly called Patents Real Fast and PRF Query), I can do the preliminary evaluation in about five (5) minutes!" When asked what saved all this time – Search Real Fast keyword extraction and automatic query generation! - Todd Keiller, Director of Intellectual Property & Innovation at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

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